At Caribe Professional we understand the meaning of Home. Whether it be an apartment, condominium, an aging structure or a brand new residence it represents one of the most valued investments for individuals, as well as the place that shelters your family. Every single one of our clients has very unique coverage solutions. That is why we make sure that all possible risks and misfortunes are foreseen at the moment of configuring home and property coverage. Contact us and discover how Caribe Professional can provide smart home insurance solutions that provide much more than protection they’ll provide excellent value and peace of mind of the whole family.



 Several Insurance protections that include the home and its contents.


 Home structure insurance for special scenarios like non-occupancy and second homes.

Personal Package and Homeowners

 Multiple personal coverage lines that provide higher protection over dweling policies

 Cover Liability art collections and jewels

Personal Liability

 Increased risk protection against accidental damage to other individuals or their proterty

Umbrella Liability

 Liability protection beyond coverage for standard homeowners and auto insurance

 It goes into effect in catastrophic situations where primary liability coverage is exhausted

 Includes protection for you, your spouse and relatives living in your household

Farmers Liability

 Total protection for farm structures and assets against multiple risks

 Covers the farm and accidents that may affect personnel, vendors or visitors


 Protection against physical damage of cars, trucks, motorcycles and the others motor vehicles

 Covers body injury, property damage, collision and comprehensive

Optional Coverage

 Increased auto coverage that includes towing and labor

 Extended vehicle guarantee beyond the expirations of its initial coverage


 Whole life, Universal and Terms life insurance policies

 Travel accident coverage and accident insurance


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